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Bali Tarot Card Predictions & Bali Tarot Card Readings
Plus Crystal Healing and Reiki Therapy
"Your window to a better future through better choices since 2005"
Welcome and thank-you for visiting my home online. The fact that you
are here means that you are already smart enough to know that the lives
we live or will live are not cast in stone. Your life and future can in-fact
be everything that you want it to be. Dreams can and do come true, you
just need know what path and direction will lead to the desired outcome.

I have traveled much of the world in search of a better understanding of
my psychic powers and to learn how I can best use them. I can tell you
where your life is heading and what results your actions will yield. I can
tell you if you are in the wrong job, partnerships, marriage or making the
wrong choices to achieve your goals. I will look into your future and tell
you clearly what future awaits you and what action will change your life
for the better. Our strongest desires are for love, happiness and security.
Secure the longings of your heart and live life filled with bliss abundance.

I am available for personal Tarot card reading, Life predictions and Reiki
therapy. You are most welcome to come to my private studio or I would
be delighted to arrange personal home or workplace visits per your needs.

Guru Shashi.
Guru Shashi
Born of Indian parents, Shashi has traveled the world
in search of greater wisdom, enlightenment and better
understanding of his supernatural insights and visions.
From a very early age it become clear that Shashi was
born with very special gifts and he has spent much of
his life searching to answer how best to use such rare
paranormal psychic powers for the greater good of all.

Tarot card reading is the most often used medium for
Shashi's psychic abilities, he can use the tarot cards to
help people to make better decisions, choices and steer
people away from negative outcomes. He has traveled
the world helping people with his special abilities to see
into the future and the amazing ability to see outcomes
from all our actions, relationships, careers and choices.

When Shashi performs a tarot card reading it’s as if he
has seen what lays ahead for us and he can reveal our
personal circumstances at a specific time in the future.
Shashi can indeed look into our future and tell us what
result our actions, plans and relationships will produce.
Both positive and negative outcomes are fully revealed.

It has become Guru Shashi’s dedicated mission to help
people to be able to make better decisions and go on to
live happier lives. Shashi enjoys a deep satisfaction and
personal enjoyment sharing such truth and knowledge
that produce enlightenment and often life in abundance.
"Thank you so much Guru,
you gave me the insight I
needed. You were right
about the job in LA, it
didn't workout. But I took
your advise about going
back to school and when I
graduate I have a new
career waiting. You were
also right about my not
marrying ken and you have
taught me I deserve better.
You changed my life for the
better. Thank you so much".
- Cathy - NY US
"As you know I was very
sceptical about meeting with
you. But it was as if you
looked into my soul and I
felt like you were an angel
telling me of the right path
for my life. I don't think
that anyone has ever
listened to me like you
Shashi. The things you told
me would happen, have and
I know now what I must do
to be happy. Bless you!".
- Mary - London UK
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